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WRMU, Single, and More!

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Great. SO. I’m going to jump right into it and remind you that THIS FRIDAY my new single “Lay it on You” will be out! This song is one my favorites that I have written and I’ve already received great feedback from the few people that I’ve allowed to hear it. As soon as it is out, I’m back on the Spotify playlist/college radio/music blog grind! I’m hoping for even more success than that of my latest song in these areas. I have spreadsheets with people to contact and emails on standby…..oh yeah, this is serious business. So, wish me luck with all of that! While I go about doing all that, you all get to jam to my new tune! Excitement is erupting! WOOOOOOO.

Next on my list of things to talk about: this past Friday. Why is this past Friday significant? Well, because I had the opportunity of performing a song and being interviewed at Mount Union University in Alliance, OH! I have done two interviews at other colleges already so I was very excited for this one.

Side note: links to interviews/interview performances will be posted in the near future when they are ready 😬.

I must say, that the WRMU team was a pleasure to work with. I walked into their space and there were about 10 people just ready to help and get a show recorded. Each one of them was extremely friendly and very easy to talk to. Also, before I left they gave me a bag full of awesome Mount Union swag like a lanyard, stickers, a mouse pad (that I’m currently using), and other great gifts. This was very unexpected but it made the experience that much more meaningful. They made me feel very welcomed and I would like to publicly give them another thank you. THANK YOU WRUM 91.1!

While we’re on the topic of thank you’s, I would like to extend ANOTHER thank you to music writer Jeff Niesel of Cleveland Scene for writing a small article announcing my upcoming gig at the Grog Shop on December 17 and my new single. Jeff was very easy to contact and work with and I appreciate him placing me on the website. The link to the article is down below 😬.

Aside from music and things, this week is finals week at my college (Kent State) and my last week of the semester! WOOOO. Wish me luck on finals as I have one in about an hour from when I’m typing this. Communication technology exam…….here I come….please show mercy. After this semester, I only have one more before ya boy is completely graduated and on his own. Somewhat exciting, mostly horrifying. But hey, I’ll manage.

That’s all I have for you at the moment. Get ready for this new song, people. It’s a good one. BYE.



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