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Widening Perspectives

Oh hey!

This week I’d like to talk about something I’ve learned about music; specifically different genres of music. So, for as long as I can remember, I have been a person with more of a narrow view. Whether that pertains to school, music, relationships, values, or pretty much anything, I have always been a person that has had strict expectations about everything in life. Although expectations have their benefits, I’ve found that if I have too many, I set myself up for disappointment when things inevitably don’t line up one hundred percent. At this point in my life, I’ve taken on a much different philosophy. I now believe that widening one’s perspective in any facet of life will only better one’s life. This gives us more to consider, more to be challenged by, and more reason to evolve our ways of thinking. As I’ve grown older I’ve done just this. When I apply a widened perspective to music though, what does that look like? Why would I do that? In this particular post, I’m going to be referring to how I have come to widen my view of music and how this has personally benefited me.

When it comes to the genres of music I listen to, I very much enjoy pop and top 40 music. Sure I don’t love every song I hear on the charts, but pop has always been and always will be the genre that I identify most with. For much of my life I was married to only pop music. While pop music is fantastic and has earned its place as a powerhouse among the music genres…it isn’t the only genre of music out there. While that isn’t a groundbreaking realization, it’s something I hadn’t even given a second thought to earlier on in my life. My world was full of pop music and I felt at home there. Why stray away? Well, like most people I eventually grew a bit bored of listening to the same songs and genres over and over. But my perspective on music had always been such that if I listen to artists or bands, they would have to fit the top 40 archetype or else I wouldn’t enjoy the music. As a person who struggled with change early on in life, I hadn’t given a second thought to listening to music other than what I was accustomed to listening to. However, this changed over the past five years. So much so that I now have an entire plethora of genres of music that I feel connected to.

Okay, why is this important? Why am I making such a big deal out of something so simple? Well, as an artist I believe it’s important to have a versatile range of inspirations. This gives you different lenses from which to view songwriting, recording, melody construction, and so many other things. I can’t exactly pinpoint when I started branching out into different music genres, but I can say I have become a much more intelligent and appreciative music lover for it. I absolutely still love pop music and will always feel at home in its style, but I was shocked to realize how much I was missing out on what other genres have to offer when I finally expanded my musical pallet. Today I listen to a much more wide range of music. I can go from pop, to hip hop, to lo-fi, to smooth jazz, to alternative, to indie and always take something away from each. I’ve learned that each genre has its own history and own special way of attacking music. This has aided me in how I write lyrics and tell stories, how I arrange music instrumentally, and how I listen to music. So much of what I have learned as an artist has come from adopting different styles of song and expanding my creative reach. I’ve only benefited from widening my musical perspective and it’s something I always now urge others to try! The way I have been able to transform my love for music to encapsulate so many different styles has come from simply widening my view on what I think I’d enjoy. For the longest time I thought I only enjoyed pop music…now I can say that I was completely juvenile and wrong lol. I’m not saying to go and throw yourself into a country music playlist if you’ve only been used to R&B and soul, but try listening to other artists that you may have heard of but never looked into. Try asking other about who they recommend. Try something other than what you’re used to. Like I said earlier, I’ve learned that expanding your perspective as much as possible can only bring benefits. This one million percent applies to music.

Thanks for stopping in for another Sunday blog post! As always, stop by next Sunday for another one! Thanks!



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