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What's Next???

Hey there! How goes it? Pretty good? Nice. SO. I have some very exciting non-music related news for you all! As of a couple days ago, I am officially a college graduate!!! WOOOOO! Four years ago I started my collegiate career at Kent State University and have now received a degree in Applied Communications! I am so freaking excited to be DONE. No more papers. No more exams. No more homework deadlines. No more syllabi. No more school. Did you read that last part correctly? Let me emphasize it a bit more. NO. MORE. SCHOOL….EVER. This has to be the biggest part of graduating that’s getting to me. Ever since I can remember I have been in school. Each fall we started a new grade or semester, we attended until around May/June, summer started, and then we’d just repeat the process over again. But now…..there is no next grade level (unless I want to pursue a Masters or PhD and lol that is not happening). There’s just nothing next! Next is….whatever I want it to be! My life is no longer dictated by grades and studies but instead by my own desires…minus all the career and bills and typical adult stuff. There’s something freeing but a bit strange about not going to school anymore. Growing up I felt like I’d be in school forever and I’d never face the real world…well, I suppose it’s here now! What shall I do next, you ask? Well, if you know of my plans to move to Nashville then that’s about all there is to them..besides saving money and looking for jobs. Other than that, I’m free to pursue whatever it is I desire. Now that I have a bunch more free time, I’m able to really focus in on my musical desires and become who I want.

Speaking of becoming who I want, I very recently signed up for an opportunity that I plan to take full advantage of. You all have heard of the hit show ‘The Voice’ right? Duh. Who hasn’t? Well, they don’t visit many cities for in-person auditions so I’ve always had to submit an audition video online. HOWEVER. Because of COVID-19, the show is hosting virtual auditions. The difference between the virtual audition and the traditional online video audition is that the virtual auditions have set dates and times, and I believe you get feedback from whoever is judging soon after the audition. The virtual audition is a minute and thirty seconds long and all I can do is give a brief introduction and then sing. Also, I believe I get one shot to nail the audition so there’s also that difference. I woke up to an email this morning saying that sign ups for virtual auditions were live and I hopped on it immediately. I am very excited to say that I nailed down a time slot and will be getting a more direct shot at being on The Voice! June 5th at 6:30 PM is when I’m to audition. I can’t believe I actually got signed up and got such an awesome time spot! They are only holding these for two days and there number of time slots were pretty limited. Alas, I got one and I’m sooooooo excited! I’ll keep you all updated as we get closer to the audition!

That’s about all I have for you! Thanks for coming back for another blog post! Stay nice and healthy. Make sure to come back next week for another post! BYE.


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