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Video Content!

Oh hey! Thanks for stopping by. This week I’d like to direct your attention to video content.

If you have been seeing my social media posts, you may have watched the two videos I’ve recently uploaded. The two most recent videos are candid/behind the scenes type videos. The first gives a look at what a typical vocal session with me looks like, and the other is a part two to a video I made a while ago where we see some glorious, and pitch perfect vocal performances from myself. If you haven’t seen them, then DEFINITELY check them out. Links to both videos are at the bottom of this post.

Ethan Peterson Vocal Crack Compilation Two Video

As the release to my album draws closer, I’ll be continuing video uploads to all platforms with all kinds of awesome content that you’d hate to miss! I have some merch videos I'll be releasing, some more videos about the album, and perhaps even a live performance video 👀. I'm really pumped for everyone to see all the different content I have planned over the coming weeks so, keep your eyes open for new uploads!

Thanks for dropping in for another Sunday blog post. Come back next Sunday for a fresh, new post as well as more info about my upcoming album...which you can presave to your Spotify library by clicking the link down below!



Presave 'NEON' to your Spotify library: https://ffm.to/p90n0j9.ois

A Typical Vocal Session: https://youtu.be/gVpJnwv7sLk

Vocal Crack Compilation 2: https://youtu.be/mNA3x4HZVn8

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