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Upcoming Audition 🎤


Hey there! How goes everything? Good? Awesome. SO. As restaurants, music venues, and other gathering places are opening back up, I am getting excited to start playing out again! However, some venues that I have been scheduled for have had to reschedule my date and/or have had to cancel me playing. With that said, I was to play at Newman Creek Cellars this Saturday from 7pm-9pm. Unfortunately, they are still in the process of fully reopening and my playing there will be moved to another date. I’m not sure when that will be but I will keep you all updated per usual 😎. In the meantime, I will continue reaching out to other venues to add some more gigs to the calendar!

If you were not aware, next Friday I have a virtual audition for *drum roll* ...............The Voice! Due to all that has happened with Covid, The Voice opted to host virtual auditions for those lucky enough to lock in an audition slot. Thankfully, I was one of them! Now, if you’ve kept up with my posts you know this already. What you probably DON’T know is what I plan to sing for my audition 😬. I thought a lot about what kind of song would best showcase my abilities and I am excited about what I have chosen: Panic! at the Disco’s version of The Greatest Show from the musical ‘The Greatest Showman.’ I chose this song for a few key reasons: the first being that it shows off the power in my voice. This is what I believe is most notable about my voice; it’s strong and loud and this song gives me a chance to showcase that. I also chose this song because it allows me to show my upper range. There are a few parts in the chorus that extend into my upper register and allow me to go even further up into my falsetto. I believe this paired with the energy in my voice displays my style and vocal abilities in a nice light. I’ve never had an opportunity as direct as this audition to be passed through for The Voice. I’ve always had to be one of the thousands that sent in an online audition since I wasn’t in a city that they came to. I’m VERY excited for this shot and I will let you all know the results as soon as I do! I know I have a lot of people behind me supporting me and I very much appreciate it!

Immediately after my audition next Friday I will drive to Downtown Canton to play for First Friday! It will very much be a music-filled night as I go from audition to performance. I actually had to push back when I was to begin playing next Friday by 15 minutes just to ensure that I have enough time to set up and what not. I will now be starting at 7:15 as opposed to 7:00. I hope to see some familiar faces downtown next Friday as we continue our First Fridays again!

That is all I have to update you and fill you in on! Thanks for stopping by for another post! Pop back in next week for another! Thank you for your continued support and love. BYE.


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