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Upcoming and Updates!

Hey, there. How Goes it? Good? Sweet. Yes…yes I know I have not blogged in about uuuuhhhh two weeks…ish? Why? Honestly, I forgot to 😬. Now go ahead and boo me and boycott me, because I know how dependent everyone is upon these posts. However, I shall try and not miss anymore posts! I got a bit sidetracked as the end of the school semester approaches and as I pile on more music stuff. Forgive me!

For now, lets get an update going on: I’ve been placed on another Spotify playlist (woo woo) called Curator Day, I’ve been able to get my new single onto three college radio stations so far (Wright State, Findlay University, and Baldwin Wallace…woo woo again), and I’m booking gigs for next year already! Things are happening and things are going semi well at the moment! I’m very much trying to keep up the momentum by sending follow up emails, sending phone calls, and etc etc. My goal for my newest single is to get it to at least 1,000 streams on Spotify. Right now, it currently sits at 169…which is still more than any other single of mine, but progress amiright? So, allow me to announce a call to action:

GO STREAM ‘ONLY HURTS WHEN I’M WITH YOU’ ON SPOTIFY NOW. https://open.spotify.com/track/7DQT9EEq2uTnEBDFYuBHCp?si=XdDcs88WTb2dybUpzDWvRg Thank you. Please continue reading the blog post and enjoy.

My next fun tid bit of information for you involves my upcoming gig at The Auricle in Canton, OH. The show is THIS WEDNESDAY and I got asked to hop on the bill semi-last minute last week. I’m opening up for this awesome indie alternative band named Wildermiss. I’m extremely excited to be opening for them as they have a pretty decent following and because I’m actually very into their music at the moment. I’m hoping to get advice from them on how to advance my career and how to break into a larger spotlight before we begin. So, with all that said, if you want tickets you better hit me up and ask! I’m running a bit low and once I’m out, you’ll have to pay the door price…which is never as cool as buying through the artist. I’ll be playing mainly originals with some covers and I may even pull in some throwback originals…hint hint. What I’m pretty much saying is, you best be there.

This is all I’m going to talk about at the moment because that’s all I really have…plus I’m writing this during one of my classes and I think the professor is catching on to my lack of attention…don’t make my mistakes, kids. Okie doke? Okie doke. See ya later. BYE.


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