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Oh hey!

Welcome back to another Sunday blog post! This week I wanted to talk about live shows. I had a lot of people ask me if there was going to be any sort of release show for the album or if I was planning a gig to celebrate. The short answer is not at the moment. The longer answer has a lot to do with venues and pandemic restrictions. Originally, or course, I was planning on having a giant release show at a venue I really love, with a band behind me, and the whole package. Well, I’m sure you can guess why it has been difficult to get that started. Eventually, yes, I want to have a show to celebrate the release, even if it’s not for a while. Because of the pandemic, I hadn’t even given thought to setting up a show for a bit. One of the reasons being venue capacity. Some venues are still capping off how many audience members there can be while some are getting more loose. Personally, I don’t want to have to plan around an attendance limit; I’d like there to be as many people there as possible. On the other hand, my performance can’t be more important than following current health and safety guidelines. I know that we are all slowly breaking back in to our old routines with the virus coming under more control (depending on what state you live in), and that is awesome! However, we want to do a release show smart, safe, and not rush it. There will absolutely be one, I’m just not sure when yet!

As for other live performances, I’ve slowly begun to get back into small gigs and outdoor events. Over the past few weeks I’ve played outside for Arts in Stark events in Canton and Louisville, as well as played at a coffee shop or two. I’m attempting (as many are right now) to rebuild a consistent show schedule again. Pretty much all gigs I’ve played recently are all non-ticketed events so, that’s where I’m starting. Plus, it is waaaaay easier to adhere to safety guidelines when you’re playing outdoors. When I have more of a decent and consistent lineup for performances, I’ll be posting dates and times for anyone who wants to attend and/or purchase a ticket!

Aside from all that, I’m doing a Q&A video! I’m going to be answering any questions I receive on social media and posting a response video this upcoming Friday. So, if you have a question for me that you’re dying to ask…please send it my way and I’ll give you an answer in the upcoming video!

That is it for this week’s blog post. As always, come back next Sunday for a new one!



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