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The Voice Audition Results.....

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Good. SO. Last Thursday I finally had my virtual audition for The Voice. It finally came time after some date push-backs for me to show the casting team what I could do.....from the comfort of my closet. I must admit, auditioning virtually and not having to travel and perform for a few judges after waiting hours in line was a nice change of pace. However, it was still a little awkward when it came time to audition. I don’t often bust down and perform a whole concert in my room, but this time I had to make an exception. So..............how did it go?

I felt pretty confident about my audition actually! There were maybe one or two spots in my singing that I felt could’ve been a tad bit smoother, but overall, I felt pretty good about it! I was told that once my audition was over, I would submit it right then and there in the virtual audition room; shortly after they would email me with results. I waited quite anxiously to hear back from the casting team. I was pacing a bit, cleared all my emails just to make sure I paid attention to all new incoming messages, and my leg bounced quite rapidly whenever I sat down. After about twenty minutes I got my results.

Unfortunately, although I believe I gave a strong audition, I was not passed through to later rounds. I received a very brief email that said I would not be continuing and to, of course, audition again in the future. I must say, I was a bit let down when I received my results. As I’m sure it’s obvious, it’s really hard to be turned down from something that you are trying to devote your life to. However, that’s what makes devoting your life to such a competitive industry so rewarding when you do achieve what you want. I’ve long understood that in the music industry, up and coming artists will experience a lot of rejection. However, it’s still a bit frustrating whenever you are told “no.” Luckily, I feel very hopeful and positive about where I’m going.

Although I was a bit unhappy with the results, I’m of course going to continue auditioning, writing and recording music, and doing what I love the most. I appreciate everyone’s continued love and support as I move through the music industry. That’s all I have for you right now! Thanks for stopping by for another blog post! Check back next week for another! BYE.


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