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The Track List

Oh hey! Thanks for popping in for another blog post. Yesterday I posted a photo of my new album's track list on my socials and I received a couple questions about it! Before I get into those, I would like to tackle the confusion about my first posting of the track list which was sometime yesterday morning.

I had posted the photo early in the day and I thought everything looked great and was being received well. Well, it was brought to my attention that something looked a bit...weird about the titles of one of the songs. About three tracks down was a song called "Every Changes." Somehow, even after double checking my Photoshop skills, I had completely typed out the incorrect title of the track. It's supposed to be "Everything Changes," not "Every Changes." Every changes obviously just doesn't even make sense lol. So, I took the post down, went back into Photoshop, and then posted a correct image later that night. To answer questions as to why it appeared as though I posted it twice, this is your answer!

As you can see in the photo, there are eight lovely tracks to be excited about. This is actually almost the exact order in which I wrote the songs. Someone had asked me if there was a story throughout the project that continued as you listened in track list order, kind of like the way The Weeknd does his projects. Yes, there is a story. As I said in my first post about the music, this album is all about emotions. So each song focuses on a different emotion from the relationship I had. This means that the storytelling isn't as spoon-fed and obvious; I like to have a bit of mystery around what I write! If you listen in order, you will get a sense of storyline.

Another question I was asked multiple times (mainly by the same person) was "who hurt you?" And while I find that to be a very funny and forward question, I have decided to not answer that and keep it private. Not just for mystery sake but also out of respect for the other person. Also, if I blatantly told people every detail about the project, I think that would take away a lot of the personal elements and lyrics I wrote. I also want people to be able to imagine themselves in my position and feel it themselves and, well, not be thinking of an ex-lover of mine that you could probably find on social media lol.

As June 4 comes around, the anticipation for the album continues to rise. I still have a ton of awesome content I'm going to share with everyone before release day though, so keep eye out for all of that! You just might get some merch out of it!

Thanks for stopping by once again! Remember to check again next Sunday for another blog post! And do NOT forget to presave my album to your Spotify library with the link below so you can listen to it immediately when it drops! See you next week.



Presave 'NEON' to your Spotify library: https://ffm.to/p90n0j9.ois

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