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The Title of My New Album!!!

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Good! SO. I would first like to thank the small crowd we had at the Brothers Lounge in Cleveland this past Tuesday! Playing during a weekday can yield smaller turnouts but we had a great little audience enjoying drinks and music. THANK YOU. Crowds, no matter how big or small, are always appreciated by performers 😁.

Next, I would like to hit you with a small teaser to get you hyped for the end of June! If you haven’t read my post on my goals for 2020, first off, check that super inspiring and lovely post out 😉, and second, I mention that one of my goals is to have my first album out by the end of this June. I’m currently working on the tracks with my producer, Mike, and we have just finished one. So, what shall I be sharing with you??? The simple yet meaningful title that gives encompasses the idea of the entire album: Neon.

Neon will be the title of my first album, and I am very happy with the name. I won’t explain much of where it came from though or what it means until after it has all come out; sorry! I’m also not going to share how many tracks will be on it…..just to let the curiosity and anticipation burn 😬. As I have explained with the last two singles I have released, I believe my sound is very much being narrowed in, especially with the music that will be on this album. It’s diverse but connected enough so that a clear style is shown.

This is all I am going to share! I don’t want to accidentally talk too much and give something away; although I’d like to because of how ready I am for everyone to hear this album!! 😬

That’s all I got! BYE.


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