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Thanksgiving and Gigs

Hey there! How was Thanksgiving?! Delicious? Same! I hope you all were satisfied with how your holiday went and were able to spend time with some family and friends you may not always get to see! I was all over the place on my holiday. I started at my father’s house, next to my girlfriend’s grandparent’s house on her mom’s side, next to my mother’s house, and then finally to my other girlfriend’s grandmother’s house……yeah, that’s a lot of running around. I ended up not eating as much as I wanted to because I was worried about portioning between each house I went to. I didn’t want to eat too much one place and then not eat at another…ya know? This resulted in me not really eating enough…which is heartbreaking on a day that is pretty much all about eating. But alas, I had a great time seeing friends and family so that easily made up for it.

Beyond all that, I played a gig at Canal Fulton Speakeasy Coffee this past Friday! I’ve played there only once before but this time was even better. There were a bunch of people just hanging out and drinking coffee, Xmas decorations were up inside, their peppermint hot chocolate was delicious, and there was a friend home from college there supporting me. If you ever get the chance to go there (even if I’m not there…..but then again your experience will be even more amazing when I am) you gotta try their coffee. It tastes awesome and the staff is very pleasant.

As for upcoming gigs, I will be back at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights on December 17 opening for a band called Kideyes. I really like being at the Grog Shop because it feels awesome performing on a stage that one of my biggest influences and inspirations have performed on: Brendon Urie. Panic! At the Disco performed at the Grog Shop for a pop-up show a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it in. BUT. The fact that I get to perform where someone like him performed, is just so FRICKIN cool to me. What I’m kinda sayin is, you should be there. It’s a great venue, and it’s right next to my favorite place to eat in the whole wide world: Barrio. I’m not going to go on too much about Barrio (because I could drone on forever) but just so you know, their tacos and margaritas are bomb as hell.

Kind reminder that my new single will be released NEXT FRIDAY (12.13.19). I’m super duper excited for this one, guys. Like, I think we nailed a good one here. I’m hoping you like it on Spotify and stream the frick out of it when it comes out! Your support is what drives this journey ❤️.

That’s all I got for you. See ya next Monday. BYE.


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