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Stream Count is Up?!

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Great! SO. No, I did not post on the blog last Monday. Why is that? Well to provide an excuse, I was busy/resting. Yeah I know that’s not a great excuse but ALLOW ME to elaborate 😬. So, I’ve been busy with my internship because of a massive conference we had going on last week, and I had to complete my standard homework assignments and what not. However, other than that, I was resting......but what for? Well, sometimes when I record music (like most musicians), I get burnt out. When I get burnt out from music, my ideas decide to not develop at all. Meaning, when we are at the studio or when I’m writing a song, I literally can’t think of anything. The way I’ve noticed I recover is simply by taking a step back and not thinking about music AT ALL. I don’t try and write, I don’t try and think of ideas for songs, etc. I focus on anything else and do that for about a week. After that, I’m usually recharged enough. In an overly explained nutshell, that is why I did not post anything last week. I am back now, though, and I’m semi-ready to get back into it 😬.....

Onto the title of this post: if you didn’t notice the massive picture at the at the top, take a moment to notice how there are over 800 streams on my latest single on Spotify! Whaattt?! Last time I checked, we were sitting a little over 500. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked and saw this number! Apparently, I got added to a couple of awesome playlists without even knowing it...which honestly, feels so cool. I don’t even know why but it feels so awesome just finding your music on a ran

dom playlist you haven’t even reached out to or purposely promoted on. So um, can we get this to 1,000 streams?! This would be my first song EVER to hit that number and I think it would be so freaking epic. We just keep reaching small milestones and we’re continuously progressing. THANK YOU. Let’s keep this whole streaming count growing 😁.

Aside from this, you may have known about me playing at an event to support our local Stark County Parks this past weekend. To everyone who came and showed support for our awesome parks, thank you! We had a great time and we really appreciate you coming. I would like to thank Alaska Thompson for asking me to play for an awesome event and allowing me to meet this awesome owl named Ramsey 🦉❤️.

I also got to meet a cute skunk named Paisley, but I forgot to get a photo of her......anywho (lol get it...who....like hoo....🦉😬).

That is about all I have for you on this beautiful Monday. Thanks for stopping by for another awesome blog post! Come back next week for another one...I swear I’ll post one maybe 😶. BYE.


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