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  • Ethan Peterson

Story Time!

Hey there! This past weekend I played a show in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania for their annual music festival. Cambridge Springs is about two hours and twenty minutes from Canton; so, it wasn’t the closest venue ever. I was scheduled to play at 10:20 so my friend and I left at around 7:00 for ample time to get there and see other acts.....little did I know that taking this extra hour would be vital to me getting there. The drive up turned a bit...unlucky.

So up front: did I hit a ton of traffic? Did I hit a deer? Was I in an accident? Well, none of those. About 8 minutes from the venue my car decided to pull one of the most generic stunts that a car can: it decided it’s tire was going to go flat....or in my case, sort of explode. We were extremely close to the venue when all of a sudden I notice my car shaking a bit. I didn’t think too much of it so I continued for about half a mile when a light comes on from the dashboard of my car. I turned the music down in the car (cause we were jamming) and began to notice that my car was veering very hard to the left. This was kind of a red flag cause my car kind of veers to the right automatically cause my alignment is a bit off. About 10 seconds later my car begins to violently rumble and shake so I decide to finally pull over.

We got out of the car and checked the outside only to find that my tire was a shell of what it once was. Torn up, mangled, and completely flat. Seeing as though I was only five miles away from the festival and I still had over an hour till I went on, I wasn’t too concerned. I called and let the festival know what had happened, called my dad to ask for advice (cause that’s what you do when you have car issues), and went about trying to fix it all.

To my dismay, I had no jack in my car! So, that eliminated an option for salvation pretty quickly. Next, I called roadside assistance...who sent me to voicemail. My luck was immediately being destroyed. With no way of changing the tire, and no towing company to help me out, I was kind of screwed.

Thankfully, I pulled over across from a couple houses. My friend suggested we go up to a house and just ask if that have a jack so we can change the tire and be on our way. I was pretty nervous about walking up to a stranger’s house in the middle of nowhere...but I’m so glad I did. We walked across the street to a house with a huge dog on a chain barking at us (good sign, right?) and out walked the owner.

A woman who introduced herself as Melanie walked out the door before we even made it to the porch and told us she could hear the car from a mile away. She then said that she was a mechanic and was willing to change my tire. Now, let’s just take a moment and think about how incredibly lucky and blessed you have to be to be so down on your luck, only to five minutes later have a complete stranger with just the right tools, skill set, and heart to help you out; that’s insane!

So, we got the car into her driveway and immediately she began working on it. To make things a bit sweeter, she brought the dog over to us and he was probably one of the sweetest gentle giants ever. The whole process took about an hour because the jack wouldn’t go up high enough at first, the car fell off the jack once, and there were issues keeping the car leveled.

However, Melanie proved to be my hero that night as 10:00 rolled around and the new tire was on. She ran inside after it was done and offered us water and wipes to get cleaned up before my performance. She is one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of thankfully stumbling upon. I’ll always be appreciative of this samaritan’s kindness and help.

As soon as we backed out of Melanie’s driveway, we were off to the show! I made it with five minutes to spare.....and to my surprise, they were behind on schedule so I could sit for a minute and take a breath.

Thank you to Melanie (and her dog, Cain) for the amazing help that night. My gratitude is immeasurable ❤️.

Story time over!


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