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Spotify Playlisting

*Real image of me after three hours of trying to find playlists and finding one legit one*

Hey there? How ya doin? Good? Cool. SO. I’ve been back on the grind to find Spotify playlists/curators I can submit my new single to once it’s out. However, I’m not just trying to find a couple and be done with it. No no no no no. I’m trying to find as many playlists (that play my style of music) as possible. I believe very much in the power of Spotify playlisting and I trying to jump on that crazy hard. I’m very happy with the new sound and production quality of my new single and I think it has a chance to get on some playlists for other people to hear. The biggest challenge besides getting curators to add your song to their playlist, is finding curators and playlists themselves. There are tons and tons of blogs and websites that give small lists of potential submission links, but at this point I’m seeing a lot of the same ones. Also, there are tons of sites in my search results that say “hey there if you pay us we’ll make SURE you get on a playlist.” Nah, I’m good. Not about that sketchy stuff. I have around 17 different playlists that I can submit to on my list so far. That’s okay, but definitely not representative of the time that’s put in to finding them. Many playlists on websites may not exist anymore, have zero followers, or make you sign up and sell your soul to the playlist gods. After you wade through all of that mess and finally find one that looks legit, you gotta make sure they play your genre of music. If not, too bad so sad; keep looking. I’ve tried searching different terms in Google and also tried searching for new music or new artist discovery playlists on Spotify to see if I can find their curators. This takes up so much time and many times for little reward. You might find a legit playlist, you might even get your song on to it! But even after that, how long will it stay there? Will it move up the list? Will anyone actually hear it? It’s all a huge gamble…but a necessary one. BUT, it takes just one playlist, one play, one person to start a chain reaction to turn an unknown artist into someone big. Post Malone is a great example (yes, I know he blew up on Soundcloud and not Spotify). Spotify playlisting is one of the most important factors in many artists’ success; and I want to finally taste some of it. Mmmmmm playlists. So, wish me heaping amounts of luck as I continue to stare at my laptop all night.

Yeah that’s where I’m going to end it today. Just thought I’d go on a small rant about what I’m up to and what I’m trying to do.

If you aren’t already, then go follow me on Spotify (https://show.co/XS8h6J7) with that lovely link right there and get ready for my new single……cause it’s cool af. Thanks ya lots. BYE. #OHWIWY

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