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Shows, Shows, Shows

Hi there! Nice to see ya again. I’m finally back to posting an update on Sundays! Whoop whoop! 🎉Sound the alarms cause it’s happening🎉 I’m finally back from Dallas so that means I have zero excuses, right? Right. SO. A couple of things to announce:

First off, if you haven’t bought tickets and/or voted for me for The Massillon Voice then like, what are you even doing? That’s literally going to be the biggest night in all of existence sooooooo I’ll help you not miss it by dropping a link right here: https://lionslincolntheatre.org/massillon-voice-singing-competition-2019-annual-fundraiser-lincoln-theatre/ (You’re welcome 😁)

Second, I have a couple gigs coming up next weekend. One of which you may go to; the other, well, unless you are a Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinee, then probably not. August 2nd I will be playing at the Cultural Center for the Arts in Downtown Canton before the Gold Jacket Dinner for the Pro Football Hall of Fame from 3:30 to 5:00. Isn’t that super cool?! I’m incredibly excited to perform for Canton’s biggest claim to fame as well as be a part of all the crazy Hall of Fame festivities. I’m honored to be a part of something like this and can’t wait for next week! Almost immediately after that I will move all my equipment to the Corner of 4th St and Court (just a few blocks away) at 6:00 for the Canton First Friday Festival! It will be a very busy but very exciting day for me! You most definitely should come be a part of all that’s happening next weekend because it’s awesome to experience and plus, I’ll be there like all night 🎉😁.

Finally, I will have tickets to sell for a show I’m doing with Shelby Olive Miller, a fantastic local artist from Akron, on August 16 at the Dome in Kent, OH. Tickets will be $7 through me or $10 at the door. Message me on any social media site, email me, respond to this post even, and I will get tickets to you! This show is packed with insanely talented people like Shelby, Ariel McCleary, Maddie Indre, and myself (I hope that doesn’t sound conceited but I think I’m somewhat talented…). Look all of them up online to see just how right I am about their level of musicality.

That’s what I have for today. I thought I’d just use today’s post as a reminder/event update for everyone. I hope you’re all excited and I hope to see you at the shows!


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