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Show Updates

Hello, all! So, if you didn’t already see on my social media accounts, I was not able to perform before the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Dinner this past Friday. I know I know, it’s very tragic and upsetting. Apparently there were conflicts between the Hall of Fame and the venue regarding live artists during that time so that’s why I was canceled. However, I did still perform downtown for First Friday and had an awesome time! I saw a ton of awesome people down there and the night was very exciting (as it usually is during Hall of Fame weekend).

Since we’re on the topic of cancelled shows, I will also mention that the shows I was to play before the Players Guild Theatre performances as the Cultural Center for the next couple months have also been dropped. The reasoning for this is similar to what happened with the Gold Jacket Dinner gig; push back from the venue for whatever reason prohibited live musicians. While all this is quite unfortunate, I am lining other shows up to take their places.

I would like to thank everyone that wished me well on social media yesterday once I announced that I had to reschedule my performance at Doughy Paws because of a throat infection. It feels nice to have tons of people offer advice and remedies to get me back up and playing quickly! I’m still fighting off the infection and I should be fine again within a few more days. The only reason I’ve been very concerned about this infection is because of the Massillon Voice competition next Saturday. I need to be 100% on my game to win and that does not include dry coughing and nasal congestion. By the way, you should come because it’s going to be the wildest night in all of time.

It seems that this post has been a bit of a downer, doesn’t it?! I swear I didn’t plan for all this to happen at once but I figured I’d update everyone on the more important issues lately. I’m ready to get some solid shows booked and I’m ready to not sound like a muffled frog (...yeah, I don’t know, that’s just the analogy I came up with).

That’s about all I have for now. I’m going to get some rest before I go see Imagine Dragons at the Hall of Fame stadium in a few hours! It’s going to be very hard to rest my voice while at one of their concerts so, here goes nothing!

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