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Short Post Time

Hey! Yeah I’m late again with a blog post BUT I’m on a vacation in Dallas soooooooo cut me a break. Because I’m on vacation, I’m going to keep everything pretty short cause I got some relaxing to get back to 😎.

FIRST: check out my bio that the Lions Lincoln Theater put up on their website for the Massillon Voice Competition here:


All competitors have bios and fun facts to check out so make sure you check them out as well and uh, vote for ya boy 💁‍♂️.

LAST: Downtown Canton has put together a new line of gig opportunities for some of its top artists. These gigs will be one to two hour performances placed before theater performances, community events, and other cultural activities at the Cultural Center in Canton. I’ve been asked to play seven of these shows! I’m very excited to be a part of the many art events that Canton has to offer. Come see me play, and catch a musical, fashion show, or other awesome event! My gig schedule will be updated with these shows in the next couple days.

If you can tell I rushed through writing this, it’s because I did. I’m in the middle of an intense pool match. Anyway, catch me in a week. Bye!

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