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School and Whatnot

Hey, there! How goes it? Good? Cool. SO. I don’t have a ton to say today so bare with me and try not to get upset. I figured I’d go over what just began this past Thursday for me……

My senior year of college! YAAAYYY! How exciting! If you are not aware, I go to Kent State University at the Stark Campus in North Canton, Ohio. I originally went to the main campus in Kent, Ohio for a year, but I didn’t feel like I could commit as much of myself to music as I could in Canton. Plus, it’s way cheaper to go to one of the regional campuses. Since I’m a poor, lowly, broke college student, this pleases my wallet. In the spring of 2020 I will officially have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and will be on my merry way. Although this is very exciting, college is very time consuming (if you wish to be a decent student). I will still be posting regularly and not much will change from an outsider’s perspective; however, I will probably be losing my mind and drowning in school and music projects. I’ve handled this all before quite well, but because I am so close to being done with school forever there is a lot of pressure and a ton of responsibilities floating around my head. I have six classes this semester and will be taking on an internship in the spring. Although I will be much more pushed for time, my commitment to my craft will not waiver. This journey has been very exciting and has allowed me to grow with my passion; nothing will slow it all down.

Aside from all that boring and totally unimportant nonsense.....I got to play outside of the Canton Art Museum for a large, Hawaiian-themed party they were having last night! Although I was just playing as background music for people walking in, it was still a fun night to be a part of! I will be playing at the Art Museum multiple times in the fall and winter for more community events and such. Above is an awesome picture that my new friend Alaska took of me! Enjoy that and keep up with my show schedule so we can hang out!

Other than all that, I got nothin! Thanks for reading and check back next Sunday for another post! BYE.


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