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New Song and Live Music Video

Oh hey!

Thanks for stopping by for another Sunday blog post! Yes, I am back to posting on Sunday’s and not Tuesday like I did this past week. I am excited about this week’s post because I get to share another big step in my musical journey. This past Friday I posted a live music video for my song “Neon.” EXCEPT, it wasn’t the normal version of the song everyone first heard. Instead I thought it’d be fun to come out with an acoustic version and shoot the video surround that track. I absolutely love acoustic versions of songs. After Justin Bieber released an acoustic version of his Believe album way back when I first started high school, I’ve been hooked on acoustic takes. There’s something about stripping down a song to its core and making everything more vulnerable that I really connect with. I believe this can uncover deeper emotions within certain songs and make you appreciate the writing more. So that’s what I wanted to do!

Ethan Peterson Neon Acoustic Live Music Video

Not only did I release an acoustic version of “Neon” (which you can stream and listen to on Spotify and Apple Music), I also was assisted by Gabe Ofca and Mike Ofca to create a live music video to go with it. I’ve mentioned before that Mike was my producer for my album. Well, Gabe is his extremely talented son who did all the fantastic video work for me! To say that I was pleased with Gabe’s work would be an understatement. The production value of this video we shot was so well done and it captured the performance perfectly. Both Mike and his son are incredible guys to work with and if you use one of them, you might as well use both because they are a dual threat in audio and video production. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it on my YouTube channel or on my Instagram page on IGTV. I had an awesome time doing this video and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we all did while shooting it!

That is all I have today! I wanted to keep this shorter so everyone can just immediately go watch the video after! It really was a great experience shooting with Mike and Gabe and I think you’ll all be able to tell once you watch! Now go stream the song and watch the video! See you next Sunday for another blog post!


Neon (Acoustic) Live Music Video


Stream "Neon (Acoustic)" on Spotify NOW



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