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New Single News

Hey, there. How goes it?! Cool? Sweet. SO. I’m going to assume that if you read these posts, you also keep up with me on social media. HOWEVER. If you don’t, lemme hit you with some awesome news I shared this past Friday.

*Ahem* my new single, ‘Lay it on You,’ has been announced and will be released on December 13!!! Wooooooo! I’m super excited about this song because, as was with my latest single, this is another step up in my songwriting and sound (at least it is in my opinion). I feel a lot of progression occurring with these new songs and I’m humbled to share them with the world. My last single was received with much love and I am very appreciative of that. So, hopefully this song will receive the same treatment!

What can I say about this new single? Well, not a ton…except that it is a prequel to my latest single. Meaning that the story in ‘Only Hurts When I’m With You’ occurs after the story coming up in ‘Lay it on You.’ Follow what I mean? Honestly, I didn’t even try to make everything work out that way…it just kinda happened and I realized it the other day……but let’s say I planned it out like that anyway 😬.

I want to keep this post short so you can all burn with excitement and anticipation on the inside until next month! Sorry to do it to you but I gotta! Keeps the interest up 😉. That’s all I got. Thanks ya. BYE.


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