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New Interview With 88.3 The Sting Coming!

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Awesome. SO. Tomorrow I will be interviewed at Baldwin Wallace University's 88.3 The Sting radio station! Woooooo! Along with that, I’ll be performing a bunch of songs (originals and covers)! Do I have details as to whether it will be a live interview or when the live performances will be available? Kinda 😬! I don’t want to lie to you all so, I won’t guess whether it is a live broadcast or not until I have more details tomorrow (so watch out for updates on social media). However, I DO believe the live performance videos will be uploaded to YouTube within the week. Also, as soon as I get the audio from the interview and performances, they will be uploaded and placed under the ‘interviews’ tab on my site. And as I do, I will post links on my social media accounts once they are ready! I am very honored to be a part of yet another university’s station. Every experience I have had so far with college interviews/performances has been nothing short of awesome; I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening as I’m sure it will be the same!

What else do I have to share with you all…..hmmmm. Ah yes. If you’re into quick, little updates, my first single on my new album is complete! Mike (my producer) and I have now moved on to the second song on my list and should be finished with it in….uh….well, I have no clue 😬. Not that it’s not going well, it’s just very hard to gauge when a song will be done, especially when new ideas keep popping into your head, and then you might want to change some vocals, and then the mix might need retouched, and then we think it needs this element or that, and then this harmony could use a bit of something that we aren’t sure of and on and on and on! So, to give a completely over exaggerated timeframe for the second track’s completion, I will say that it will be done sometime this decade 😁 (but hopefully soon cause this album has to come out in June 😳).

Well, sadly, that’s all the fun information I have for you all! Sorry to keep it short, but I don’t want to bore you with rambling…nobody wants that. However, you know where to find another blog post next week!

That’s all I got! BYE.


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