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  • Ethan Peterson

'NEON' Postponed.


Hey there! How goes things? Weird? Uh, yeah…same. SO. The virus outbreak in the U.S. has forced many many businesses to close, lay off workers, put public life on hold, and so on. As far as how I have been affected by this, I don’t believe I have been fairing too bad. My parents are both still employed, we are in good health, and we are still keeping our sanity from being at our house 24/7. I personally have experienced a ton of changes lately due to this pandemic. To begin, I was let go from my internship last week. I completely understand the decision made by the organization and I am not upset at all. I had already completed all of the necessary hours of work required by my school, and I felt I had learned enough before I left to prepare me for the real world. So, that’s change number one. Aside from that, my schooling, like pretty much everyone else’s, has moved completely to an online platform. My classes will still end on schedule, however, my graduation has been pushed back and a new date is still being discussed.

So, besides all of the learning and work stuff in my life getting placed on hold, what does this mean for music? I’m expecting many of my gigs to be canceled within the months of May and June. With all of the businesses and public events being closed at the moment, I doubt many of them will spring back up in time for gigs to be had. Beyond that, my new album’s release will be pushed back. When it will be released is still to be determined. This is for multiple reasons, actually. First, I cannot leave my house for a while as Ohio has enacted a shelter-in-place advisory. Also, Mike and I had decided to discontinue recording sessions for a few weeks until some of this blows over. Finally, I had been planning on postponing the release of my album anyway.

Before all of this crazy virus stuff started forcing everyone to stay in and before Mike and I decided to take a break, I had decided that the best course of action to produce the best product possible was to postpone the release of my album. Now, why did I decide this? Well, I believe forcing oneself to accomplish any task will eventually result in burnout and a poor final result. This is part of what I was experiencing every day as I was rushing to write new songs and get them sent over to Mike to record. I had put a very strict timeline on my work and I began falling behind. It got to a point where I took a step back from the songs I was writing and could easily tell that I was not spending enough time on them. The songs I was writing also did not fit the theme and idea I initially had for the album in the first place. This is not to say that every song I’ve written for the album has been bad and won’t ever be released, I just believe some of them would be better off on a different album. What I currently have for my new upcoming album is material that I am extremely proud of and happy with, and I would rather not pair that material with material that I am not as proud of. For all of these reasons, Neon’s release date will be postponed. I feel this is a great plan as I can now sit and dive in deeper to each song I write so they all fit the theme of the album and balance each other out.

It’s wild because even if I felt I was on the right track with this album, its release would still have gotten postponed because of all this virus stuff. The timing lined up and the universe is giving me a sign!

That’s all I have for you all! Please stay indoors as much as you can and get well if you aren’t feeling great! I am off to continue writing and (somewhat) relaxing. BYE.


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