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  • Ethan Peterson


Oh hey!

We did it! We finally got to June 4 and my debut album ‘NEON’ has been out for a couple days now! The amount of nervousness and anxiety surrounding the release the day before was, like, crazy. I was SO anxious to finally post that it was out and to hear what people thought and honestly….people couldn’t have been more supportive and enthusiastic about it. I was blown away by the amount of people who had reached out to me over social media

Ethan Peterson's NEON album cover

and text just expressing so much excitement and genuine enjoyment they got from listening to the music. As an artist, this is one of the best feelings you can receive. I’m absolutely thrilled that so many people not just liked the album…but REALLY liked the album. There has been so much praise and so many kind words pouring in these past couple days and all I have to give back is my deepest thank you. Thank you all for bearing with me. Thank you all for showing excitement towards this album. Thank you for showing that you care about my place as an artist. And thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you. The most rewarding parts of my life seem to appear when I’m able to share what I love doing with other people. Although this project stressed me out at times and I felt like it would never come out, the wait was worth it. Throughout this process I’ve been able to grow in so many creative areas that I never thought I’d even touch. Whether that be dealing with promo material, video editing, learning about advertising, effective social media marketing, or whatever else I dove into, the reaction from everyone that has listened has made it worth it. Thank you all again for listening to my first album.



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