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My Last Semester Begins 😁

Hey there! How goes all things? Good? Sweet. SO. Today, I began my last first day of school EVER and my final semester of college is underway. WOOOOOOO! I am very excited yet also very nervous about it all. Although I will be done with homework and academic lectures forever after the spring, I feel a slight sadness that a massive part of my life is coming to a close…..but just a slight sadness 😬. Though I am almost done, this semester may be my busiest yet as I don’t just have an almost full schedule, and I don’t just have to continue working extremely hard with my music; I now also have a big responsibility as I try to prove myself in the professional world: an internship.

Soooooooooo yeah! I began my first internship ever TODAY. The organization I am with is the Health Action Council in Independence, OH. I will be working there four days a week from 8:30-4:30 and further developing my marketing, organizational communication, and social media skills…..along with whatever else gets thrown at me! Look how fancy I am! So fancy!

How did my first day go, you ask? In short, very well. In long, my day went way better than I expected. I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything bad, but I was very nervous to begin something like this; I had never worked in a professional setting or had a little office space or been a part of team meetings. I was also nervous about the people I was going to be working with (cause who knows what people are gonna be like)…but that worry was quickly thrown to the wind as EVERY member of the team that I met was extremely friendly and very welcoming. This definitely helped ease my mind and lessen my stress. When I arrived, there was a little graphic posted in my space that welcomed me, I was taken out to lunch, and I was given clear directions throughout the day. Again, I had a very good first day.....so, shoutout to the HAC team for being so awesome!

Because I will now be so busy, does that mean I’m taking a break from music to focus on school and being a fancy-dancy professional? Hell to the FRICKIN no. This just means I have to focus even more and push myself a bit harder. I’ll still be updating the blog, posting covers, posting more show dates, and so on. I’m going to be a classy professional by day, and a songwriting, homework-doing student by night.

That is pretty much all I have for you all! I gotta go check all my new syllabi now…and send emails to music blogs…and do laundry…and email college radio stations…and maybe have a snack or four…and do a bit of homework…and probably a few other things I’m totally forgetting 😬.

That’s all I got! BYE.


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