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  • Ethan Peterson

My Debut Album

Oh hey!

I am very very proud and excited to announce that my debut album “NEON” is coming out June, 4! Aaaahhhaaaaa I have been waiting to announce this music for such a long time! What was supposed to be a six month project turned out to be a year and a half long project. However, I couldn’t be happier with what I’m releasing. This album stretched my creative boundaries nearly every time I worked on it. Getting stuck on a song or a recording forced me to develop new ideas and approach them from angles I hadn’t even thought about before.

My songwriting, my instrumentation, and my knowledge of myself as an artist have all evolved far past what I anticipated throughout this process. This of course was also aided by the collaboration of myself and my producer, Mike Ofca. Even if I came into the studio with doubts or uncertainty about a part of the project, I always quickly relearned to trust the chemistry Mike and I have in the studio…..because everything always turned out better than I expected. If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m pretty happy with how everything regarding NEON has went. Once I finally announced the release date (and the album itself) this past Friday, I felt so relieved and excited to share something that has become very personal and pivotal to me. I’ve already received a ton of questions about the album like: how many songs are there, am I doing any merchandise, and can I email secret links to people for early listening. I’ll give you all an answer to that last question now: nope. No secret early listening links! However, to answer the other questions mentioned, more information and promo material will be coming out in the weeks leading up to the release. The best thing anyone can do right now is to click the link at the end of this post to presave NEON to your Spotify library before it drops! A ton of people have already done so, so don’t wait! This blog will be updated every Sunday again going forward. The reason there was such a long break between now and the last post is because I decided to push all album-related tasks up to the top of my list each day…..and holy crap was there a lot more than I initially anticipated. However, blog posts are back and will always contain some inside information about upcoming music and events. Until next Sunday, click the presave link!



Presave NEON on Spotify: https://ffm.to/p90n0j9

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