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My Approach

Oh hey! Happy Sunday!

Last week I talked about my album. This week I’d like to talk about how I approached my album. Me writing music in the past was never very...coordinated, if that makes sense. I was always afraid of writer’s block or how to connect lyrics or some other element I knew I’d overthink. My goal for this project was to develop a clearer path at the beginning so that I wasn’t freaking out before each song. Did I do that though? Well, kind of! I knew what topic the album would talk about, and I had cool ideas about what I wanted to capture in each track. This was already a much better start to my earlier songwriting processes. However, I hit some road blocks when it came to instrumentation on a few tracks. I don’t believe that to be an uncommon issue for musicians, but when you’re used to overthinking and you’re writing your first album, you want to stay as calm as possible to get the best end result. Being somewhat of a perfectionist and over-thinker by nature, this was very difficult for me to do. Learning how to properly calm my mind before writing was the most helpful skill I developed while working on this music. Almost all of my favorite ideas came to me when I wasn’t hyper focused on making things perfect. Honestly, most of my ideas came to me when I wasn’t even trying to write at all. I found that completely distracting myself and closing my mind to writing somehow opened my mind to ideas. For example, driving and just letting my myself focus on something simple like getting to my destination somehow relaxed me to the point where new ideas would randomly spark in my head and catch fire. I know that might not make much sense, but that’s the best way I can describe how it went! Once I figured out how I come up with my best ideas, I decided to try and replicate that process whenever I was working on a song, and it worked. This was incredibly relieving. Things felt so much clearer to me because I figured out how I work my best. This is how I tackled each song...and it’s probably how I will tackle a lot of music going forward. In my last post I mentioned that I learned a lot about myself as an artist throughout this whole process. My approach to songwriting was definitely one of the bigger developments. Because of the way I shifted my writing process and approach, I was able to end up with an album that I am very proud of, and I’m getting more excited the closer we get to June 4th. Hope you’re all ready.



Just a few reminders:

You can check out my latest YouTube video about what a typical vocal session with me looks like by clicking the link below.

A Typical Vocal Session: https://youtu.be/gVpJnwv7sLk

Remember that you can also presave “NEON” to your Spotify library before it releases by clicking the link below!

Presave NEON: https://ffm.to/p90n0j9

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