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Massillon Voice Results

Hey, there! How goes it? SO. Last night I got to compete in the Massillon Voice competition (which you should’ve been at if you weren’t cause it was fantastic) aaannnnddddd I took second place!!! I’m very excited and honored to have been placed so high with as many talented vocalists as we had. If you didn’t know, I sang Panic! at the Disco’s version of The Greatest Show. It was truly an awesome time! I was extremely nervous the entire day as I was still having a lot of congestion issues from last week’s awesome throat infection (perfect timing btw). Normally I would just power through a show and not worry about being sick, but the previous night’s dress rehearsal went HORRIBLY for me. I sounded nasally, I couldn’t hit high notes, my voice was breaking, and everything sounded strained. I was terrified that I would repeat that experience last night.....clearly, I don’t think I did! I will say I didn’t give a 100 percent flawless performance but it was still a very solid one. I was a bit timid to hit some higher notes in fear of breaking all over the place but everything seemed to work! I did have a small break at one point that my younger sister made sure to bring up to me.....thanks, Mia 😑. Overall though, I had a great time and I’m excited with my placement. I enjoyed this experience so much that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be in another singing competition quite soon..................foreshadowing 😮.

Also, congratulations to everyone who performed last night! Only getting one shot to showcase yourself in front of a whole theatre is insanely stressful and it takes some serious nerve to do. So again, great job Voice contestants 😄.

Aside from that, THIS FRIDAY I’m playing a show with two extremely talented ladies in Kent, OH. Myself, Ariel McCleary, and Shelby Olive Miller will take over The Dome in Kent on Friday, August 16. You can get tickets at the door for $10.....OR you could just contact one of us awesome people and you’ll get tickets for only $7!!! That’s a pretty good deal to take instead. First off, you get to save money. But the best part is getting to chat with us for a solid 20 seconds while we sell you some tickets.....we’re pretty cool if you haven’t guessed. I expect to see a ton of you there! Be there or break a heart.

That’s all I have for you all! Keep coming back every Sunday for another post! Byyyyeeee!


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