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Little Updates

Hey there! How goes things? Swell? Perfect. SO. This past weekend I had a of couple shows. My first one was on Friday at the Canal Fulton Speakeasy Coffee and Conversation shop, and the next one was on Saturday at Maize Valley Winery (a venue I’ve been dying to get in with). How did they go, you ask? Very well! The Speakeasy is always a pretty chill and low-stakes gig. I enjoy how intimate the setting is and how I can interact with the people around me without it being awkward or intrusive. I’m actually going to be back there this Friday! This gifts you with a great excuse to have one of their bomb-ass chai tea lattes. After Friday was over with, I finally got to play at Maize Valley. I’ve wanted to play there for so long! Part of it is because of the crowds they typically have…and because I genuinely enjoy going there to have wine! So, to be able to finally play there and drink wine while doing so, felt pretty satisfying. All in all, I had a pretty successful weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me at either of my gigs 😁!

So, you know how I told you last week about some account on Spotify adding my latest song to one of their playlists and that my stream count was way up? Well, I was notified that my song had been taken off their playlist (because I guess each song will only be featured on it for two weeks before it gets replaced) BUT…..it hit over 1,100 streams!!! WOOOO! I am so proud and excited with that number! I thought it was awesome when we hit 250 streams but holy moly is this even cooler! Although this random playlist had a lot to do with how much my stream count grew, I must thank everyone else who has listened as well. Every stream is important to me and I and thankful for each and every one. Thank you! I wasn’t even planning on having one of my songs reach this many streams until my new album but hey, I’ll definitely take it! I suppose the next small milestone will be 1,500!

Anywho, I believe I mentioned something about me taking a break from music for a week in my last post, so I’d like to share how I’m feeling currently with music: waaaaaaay better. Taking a step back from thinking about songs and writing and recording and blah blah blah was very helpful. I’ve felt much more energized and functional this past week and I’m super excited with what Mike and I are doing.

Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else! That’s about all I got! Thanks for stopping by for another life-sustaining blog post. Come back next week for another one! BYE.


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