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  • Ethan Peterson


Hey there! How goes it? Good? Great! I know I’M doing great beeecccaaauuussseee MY NEW SINGLE IS OUT. Wooooooo!!! *celebration explosions* *confetti* whoop whoop! I am very happy to finally have it out and into the ears of the world! I am very pleased with the work Mike Ofca of Innovation Studios (located in Steubenville, OH) did for this song. He is an awesome producer and I’m definitely going to continue working with him (hint hint). With the release of this new song, I’ve already made some headway and experienced a bit of a break with some of my goals…FOR EXAMPLE:

You know all those Spotify playlists I kept talking about? How I wanted so badly to get put on just at least one? Well…I got put on three so far!!! How awesome is that?! I’ll link each playlist below so you can hear my song as well as other songs from awesome indie artists! I have never been playlisted before so to get on three so soon is just insane to me! I’m going to keep looking for playlists to submit to to keep up the energy and get my song heard even more.

I’m very happy with this song and I hope you all are as well. This has been a big step for my sound and a big step for me as an artist. But...thats all I’m going to talk about today! Why? Because you should be out jamming to my new single! Go stream it and enjoy yourself 😬.


Only Hurts When I’m With You -


Awesome playlists my song has been added


Indie Music Discovery: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6wBQV4xGoIgXfEbx2G3VtA?si=nHS5GYRsRkyovBxlYUc4zA

Singer Songwriter Talents: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3I468PIvI8vZnMJGzoC5Yt?si=1aPaNDIoQX6E-fJxTDdXbA

Wanted: Rising Talents: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2C6OXrbySJ60dAiXZz8XFa?si=Owc3_NMoStiGs-LJV8Kp-w

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