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I'm Back!

Hey, there! How’s goes things? Weird? Yeah, same lol. SO. First off, where in the heck have I been on the blog?! Well, nowhere! I decided to take some time to narrow my focus on a few different projects and start posting again when I was finished.....so here we are! I was caught up in writing (mostly) and finishing school as this is my last official week of classes! After finals I will be officially done with college and I will get my degree! I’d say that’s worth devoting a bit of attention to. However, I have not lost sight of or have forgotten my music! To establish a presence during our lovely quarantine, I decided to upload a short cover (nearly) every day to my Instagram story and now my Tik Tok @_ethanpeterson_. This way, I can still remain active on social media platforms and not have all you guys wonder where I am or what I’m up to. I’ve now decided to upload a cover every other day so don’t get confused about the every day thing.

During all of this nonsense I’ve also had to cancel and reschedule my gigs. My gig at Newman Creek was cancelled, my upcoming gig at Lincoln Way Vineyards was moved to June 20th and my First Friday gig has been changed to an hour long livestream this Friday on the Arts in Stark FB page at 9pm. Adapting to everything that has happened has been kind of frustrating and mostly weird but we make it work, right? My gig schedule is up to date with new show times and information so don’t forget to check that out for the latest info.

Besides all that fun, that’s all I have for you! Thanks for stopping by and reading another fantastic blog post. PLEASE stay safe and healthy. See you (hopefully) next week! BYE.


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