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Fourth of July Gig Experience

Oh hey!

Thanks for stopping by for another Sunday blog post! Except, it obviously isn’t Sunday. If I’m being completely transparent, I had a long gig on Sunday and I went on to celebrate the holiday afterwards; annddd I forgot to post something!!! So here we are, on a Tuesday.

I’m not going to get into anything too deep this week. Actually, I just want to go over the gig I played that caused me to forget about posting on the blog. A couple of months ago I was playing at a coffee shop and a couple happened to be listening to my set on the other side of the venue. I never got to meet them that night but they did happen to take one of my business cards. Fast forward a couple weeks and I got a call from a very friendly-sounding woman who explained to me who she was and how she found me. She then asked if I was available on the Fourth of July because her and her husband were having a party at their house to celebrate. I said I was free and she offered me a spot at her event to play for everyone for a few hours….which I obviously accepted. *random new photo of me that I love*

So that’s the backstory of how this gig got set up. I got to her house on Sunday around 1:30 to set up my equipment and started a little after 2:00. I played until 5:30 with a 20 minute break in the middle. During the performance I happened to break two strings within a 15 minute span…which I’m no stranger to at this point lol. Besides the random strings breaking, the performance went really well. I felt comfortable, prepared, and confident the whole time and really enjoyed myself. The performance actually wasn’t the best part of the event though. By far the best part was the people. Everyone there was SO nice and friendly to talk to. If I could shout out all their names I would but that’d take too long and I don’t think I got everyone’s name lol. But honestly that made my experience just that much better. I could tell that most of the people weren’t extremely familiar with every song I played, but they were still so accepting and excited to listen. I even had a much older guy come up to me and tell me “you know, I don’t know much about music, but you were REALLY good. All the music was great!” I received a bunch of compliments that were similar to this and I appreciated every single one.

During my break, I was welcomed inside the the house by the hosts, who then proceeded to urge me to eat as much food as I pleased. I grabbed a plate of food and ate in what will be remembered as one of the most relaxing breaks in between sets that I’ve had so far. Luckily my experience with the food wasn’t over after my break. After I had finished playing and packed up my equipment, the hosts again urged me to come inside and take food home with me! To say that they were welcoming and friendly isn’t doing them justice. They gave me four to-go boxes full of various foods from the party and tried to get me to take even more! However, I was more than pleased that they had just offered me a meal in the first place!

My experience with this gig was nothing short of wholesome and positive. I will admit that I was pretty exhausted after I left though. Playing for hours on end in the July heat is kind of brutal. But again, the gig went extremely well. Aannndd that was the majority of my Sunday! After that I spent some time with friends and watched some fireworks…as one does on the 4th.

That’s all I have this week! Thanks for coming back for a special TUESDAY blog post. This Sunday I’ll be back on my normal schedule. So check back in then for another new post!



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