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  • Ethan Peterson

First Friday is Coming!

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Good. SO. I have some awesome news regarding Canton’s First Friday for June! Musicians will finally be back out and performing and I will be one of them! All musicians will be outside so that social distancing is adhered to as best as possible and I’ll be playing outside on the corner of 6th and Cleveland Avenue! I’m very happy that First Friday is working it’s way back to normal as I believe it’s one of the best parts about Canton. I'm not sure how other aspects of the event will be proceeding such as food vendors and art exhibits, but I'm positive Arts in Stark is working on providing as great of an experience as possible regardless of any limitations!

If you can’t make it to First Friday, then I can recommend another awesome way to see artists from home. I want to say for the past two months or so, Arts in Stark has been featuring musicians, authors, painters, and a whole bunch of awesome individuals on their Facebook Page. I’ve been invited a few times to perform on a livestream for them and even got to play during this month’s virtual First Friday event! You can go through their Facebook Page at anytime and view the TONS of great content that local individuals have shared. I actually just did a short livestream for them today at noon and I may be doing more! I appreciate everyone that already stops by and watches and would love to keep the viewer numbers growing! So, if you can’t make it to First Friday, check out the Arts in Stark page on Facebook for other awesome content.

That is all I have to share today; just short little post for your Wednesday! I hope you’re excited about First Friday coming back like me! Please continue to be safe and healthy as we transition back to normal! See you next week! BYE.


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