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Dome Recap

(Me, Shelby, Ariel)

Hey, there! How goes it? SO. This past Friday I played at the Dome in Kent with Shelby Olive and Ariel McCleary! If you weren’t there, shame on you. Like, what are you doing with yourself? But if you WERE there, then thank you! Thank you very much for coming out and supporting not just myself, but Shelby and Ariel. We had a great time this past Friday and we are very appreciative of everyone filling the venue!

For those who didn’t make it out, let me give you a quick run down of what you missed. I went first and played for about a half hour. There are a couple of things that my performances are becoming known for.....breaking strings is soaring up the list. Yes, as soon as I started my final song (after I hyped it up), my string decided that it wasn’t about that life anymore and it broke. Luckily, I’m pretty much an expert in replacing strings on the fly now so it maybe took six minutes. After that, I finished with Shape of You. I threw a little twist on it this time, though. I usually create my own bridge and rap a verse from Ed Sheeran’s, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” but I decided to add a bit more. I added a verse from Sheeran’s, “Eraser,” as well as Ludacris’ rap from Usher’s “Yeah.” So, expect to see that in the future if you missed it 😉.

Next we had Ariel. I was already loving her covers on YouTube (which you should check out because she has a quarter of a million subscribers), but I loved seeing her live even more! She was a lovely artist to see in person. I saw a lot of passion behind her original music and I absolutely loved her final song, “Sheep.” I think that’s what it was called.....if I’m wrong just hunt me down or something. I’m highly anticipating her first EP release (which she tells me is soon) and you should to. If you’re into ukuleles and singer/songwriter music, get to know her music!

Finally, we had Shelby. Shelby was the one who asked me to be a part of the show so again, thank you to her for the opportunity! I had seen Shelby in a musical months back and messaged her on IG to praise her performance. I’m assuming she appreciated that and that’s what led to me being asked to support the show! Since I knew she was great in the musical, I knew she would be great this past night; she didn’t disappoint. Shelby’s songwriting genuinely moved me a points (which is difficult because I’m picky). Such beautiful lyricism and melodies are put into her art and it’s a great thing to see live. She has many songs on Spotify and Apple Music so please check her music out as well.

Overall, we had a solid night. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and I’m very much hoping to collaborate with these two awesome artists again in the future.

That’s all I got; just a bit of recapping for you all. BYE.


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