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Biweekly Posts (!!!)

Oh hey!

Thanks for stopping by for another weekly blog post! Except, it isn’t weekly anymore! Last week I didn’t post anything (without warning) because I have decided to make blog posts biweekly as opposed to every week. This is solely because I don’t currently have enough occurring in my musical life that I don’t already post about on social media, so I began to feel like I was just regurgitating information…which I’d like to avoid!

Anyway, in the past I had talked about doing more giveaways and I’m excited to say that I’m planning another! I have some awesome new sticker designs that I will be giving away for a future single I’m releasing! I’m also really happy about these new designs because for once…..I didn’t do them! I had an awesome friend from work extend their services and I gladly accepted. So, thank you to Will from Target for being so kind and supportive by doing them for me!

One other thing I’d like to address: am I still planning on moving to Nashville??? I’ve said that I am in the past…yet I’m still in Ohio…..what’s up then? First off, I am VERY MUCH still trying to make it to Tennessee. In fact, if I had the chance to move tomorrow, I would. Here’s the one thing that’s been keeping me in Canton for so long: employment. I am still on the application grind to get employed in the marketing field down in Nashville and have been since April! However as soon as I get a reasonable offer, boom I’m gone. I get asked if I’m still moving literally all the time, so I figured I’d address it once more here. For now though, I’m saving money and writing/mixing so that when I finally get down south, I’m prepared. So, I suppose that’s a plus!

Thanks for stopping in for another blog post! Remember that I’m going to be posting biweekly on here and not every week. So come back in two weeks for another one!



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Website: https://www.ethanpetersonofficial.com/

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