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American Idol Audition

Hey there! How goes it? SO. If you couldn’t tell from the picture, I auditioned for American Idol yesterday! I didn’t want to build up hype around it or anything because I wanted to surprise everyone with the news whether it was good or bad. Sooooooooooo did I make it through? Nah. Am I upset? Not really. “WHY NOT,” you say. Well, I’m not super upset about not making it through for a couple reasons. First off, I gave a damn good audition and I’m very proud of how I did. Although I somehow managed to begin my audition in a lower key because of nerves, my notes were smooth, my runs were clear, and I sang very well. Now you might think, “well if you were so good, why didn’t you make it through? HMMMMMM??” Well, good question; I’m not quite sure. But this leads me to the second reason I’m not too upset. American Idol, above all else, is a TV show. They require high ratings, certain looks from each contestant, and are looking for very specific qualities in their contetsants. Because of this, vocal ability is not the only necessary factor for them. The three contestants that went before me were incredibly talented vocalists, but even they did not make it through. However, a girl four spaces ahead of me was put through; this makes me wonder if they have a set number of people they want from each audition city and/or if they have a certain time frame for choosing the next person.

I know this all sounds like I’m making excuses and maybe I was just really bad and I should give up forever…but the truth is, I know I am a talented singer; the girl who went right before me was insanely gifted and was sill rejected. Auditions like these are a roll of the dice; sometimes you get lucky, most times it’s a “not today.” So, no, I’m not super upset about making it through because I knew all of what I just mentioned going into it. Does that mean I’ll never audition again? Nope. I’m definitely going to keep trying. Why exactly did I audition for American Idol though? Regardless of how far one makes it on one of these competition shows, they provides massive platforms for artists to get recognition and a potential fanbase started. For someone like me, with a small fanbase and not much recognition, I must take every opportunity possible to get to where I want to be. This is but one opportunity that didn’t work out in a sea of many.

I’m very excited to continue my journey with music in any form that it happens to take whether that be getting recognition from American Idol or some other show. I’m grateful for the undying support of everyone who has stuck with me through it all and I wish to keep each one of them close by. With all that being said, ummmmm look out for a new music announcement this week 😳.

That’s all I got. See ya!


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