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A Wholesome Gig

Hey there! How goes things? Good? Amazing. SO. What have I got to share with you on this Monday? For starters, I’m going to be at the Brother’s Lounge in Cleveland this Friday and at Lincoln Way Vineyards in Wooster on Saturday! I’ve played at the Brother’s Lounge a few times now and it’s always a good time. However, this will be my first time at Lincoln Way vineyards so I’m pretty excited to branch out to a new area/crowd! I know I'll see you there 😁!

I’d next like to bring up a moment that kind of made me laugh this past Friday but that I also thought was very sweet. So, I played at the Canal Fulton Speakeasy Coffee shop this past Friday night. It was a standard two-hour gig and as always, pretty laidback. Well, the night had started off pretty slow with not a ton of people coming in (I’m assuming it was because it was cold and snowing). However, maybe 20 minutes into me playing, a mom and her two children came in. The two kids were probably around four and seven and were very interested in me playing. I caught on to their interest so I started playing songs that I figured they have probably heard on the radio to engage them more as they stared at me with their hot chocolates from 15 feet away. They would both get very excited whenever I played a song that they knew and they would start quietly singing along. They were always the first to clap when I was done too! I eventually greeted them on my break and got their names and such and they started chatting with me. After I resumed playing, their mother got my attention and asked if I had Venmo. I said “uuuhhh, yeah” and she then asked if I would share my username with her so she could tip me because she didn’t have cash on her (which is just way too nice of her)! I told her multiple times that it wasn’t necessary but I eventually lost the battle as she said, “you’re entertaining my kids, I’m paying you!” This is the first time I was ever Venmo’d a tip; which I thought was hilarious yet awesome! She was extremely generous for doing this. I thought the whole night with them in company was pretty wholesome. So, again, shout out to the nice mom that sent me a tip over Venmo!

That is all I have today! A short, but nice little post. Thanks for dropping by for another beautiful blog post. I shall see you next Monday! BYE.


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