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A Special Show Coming Up!

Hey there! How goes things? Great? Super! SO. I am going to start off by mentioning that my list of upcoming shows is really poppin! I believe I have 13 upcoming shows as of the time of me writing this??? Don’t quote me. But yeah, how cool and exciting! WOOOO! For struggling to find gigs towards the end of the year and beginning of January, I believe 13 shows is not too shabby! Sooooo guess what? That gives you all PLENTY of awesome options to come and see me play. We got wineries, breweries, coffee shops, and the lot. Pick your favorite and come hang out! Remember that you can find out where and when I’m playing on my website, Songkick, Bandsintown, and on my Facebook Page 😄.

Speaking of shows, I have the honor of being a part of a very special, local event. No, it’s not a formal gig, but I am going to be playing for an hour and a half at a lovely local venue. I was recently asked to play and support an event called “LOVE your Stark Parks.” In a tight nutshell, this is for the community of Stark County (the county in which I happily reside) as well as local art culture to support our local parks and show the park system that it has active and strong supporters! There will be live music (obviously), animals from the park system, an open bar with wine, snacks like cheese and crackers to pair delightfully with the wine 🍷, and other artsy happenings to show Stark Parks that we heart them ❤️. If you’d like to come and support, it will be at the Stark Parks Exploration Gateway in Canton, OH on February 22nd from 5-9pm. I start playing at 6:00 and another musician will begin at 7:30. I feel very honored to have been asked to play for this event and I’m looking forward to seeing all of the support!

In other semi-related news, you all know that I’m currently involved with an internship right now, right? Right. Of course you do cause you always read these enthralling blog posts 😁. Well, at my internship I have the opportunity to work towards a certificate in social media marketing. Why am I sharing this? Two reasons: this social marketing certificate and the knowledge I’m am currently obtaining (because I have already begun the training) will GREATLY enhance my use of social media in regards to my music and my artist brand. The second reason being that I don’t always want to talk exclusively about music; I like to spice it up, ya know 😁? Anyways, once I am done with the training, I will be revamping how I use social media for music to try and grow on each platform and make all my content interesting and relevant…..with the occasional meme here and there. So, be prepared for that as well!

Other than that, that will do it! Thanks for stopping by to read this post! Check back in next Monday for yet another!

That’s all I got! BYE.


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