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A Decade Recap

*A holiday photo of me, my mom, and my siblings....and Leo*

Hey there! How went da holiday? Jolly? Sweet. SO. I did not make a blog post this past week and I’ll briefly explain why: the holidays are nuts 🥜. Between music things, buying gifts, seeing family, and wrapping gifts (because it takes me forever cause I’m trash at wrapping), I was extremely busy as I’m sure everyone else was! HOWEVER. We shall look beyond that (because you’re all very forgiving) because this is not just my last blog post of the year...no no no. It is my last blog post....🎉OF THE DECADE 🎉 WOOOOO! Yes, I’m hopping on this end-of-decade hype train and no I’m not ashamed. Sooooooo what do I have planned for this ever so special blog post? Well, I figured I’d explain a short and slight embarrassing music dream that I wanted to see come to pass at the beginning of the decade and how it had changed. Let us begin ☕️.

Aaaaalllll the way back 9-10 years ago when One Direction was blowing up and shows like ‘Big Time Rush’ we’re still on Nickelodeon, my 12-year-old self wanted to be a part of the boyband craze that was re-emerging. Yep. I wanted to be one of the guys wearing super tight clothes, doing choreographed dance moves, and singing globally known pop songs. Why? Because at the time, I thought it was cool as hell! Being in a band with your best friends, having millions of people dying to see you in concert, and singing fun pop songs? Sounds good to me! Also, girls loved them and I did not have a girlfriend at the time (mainly because I was 12).....but let’s pretend that wasn’t part of it. Anyway, I made it my purpose in life to pursue being a part of a boyband. I listened to older bands like New Kids On The Block and 98 Degrees as I begin to fully submerge myself in the idea. However, I really didn’t have much of a plan as to how I was going to make this come to pass. After all, I wasn’t even a teenager and I had zero live performance experience. All I knew how to do was (kinda) play the guitar and sing what was on the radio in the car. Soooo what did I do? Well, once we moved to North Carolina around the age of 14, I began taking vocal lessons and I joined a traveling church choir that my friends were in. I know I know it’s nothing fancy, but I felt that getting a little bit of training and vocal performance experience would be good. And it was! I learned very valuable skills when it comes to singing and I sang my first solo in front of a crowd in the choir. After about a year of being in North Carolina, my musical goals changed as well as my location. We moved back to Ohio after a year and it was around this time that my feelings about being in a boyband changed. I started to look to solo pop artists like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber to idolize. I liked the idea of being the center of attention on stage and performing songs that I wrote myself. If I were to take a guess as to where my music desires changed, it would be around this time (I think I was 15). Although my focus has shifted to being a solo artist, I feel I am on the path I need to be and I believe I’m making the right decisions.

There you go! A little story about where I was at the beginning of the decade! Although looking back it it was all a bit cringey...I still find it entertaining to mention.

With that, I hope you all have an amazing start to 2020! That’s all I got. BYE.


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