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A Bit of Reflection

Today it’s pouring rain where I live so I thought I’d dramatically stare out my window and reflect on my past.....(SoapNet hit me up for a roll when you come back). I’ve been doing some thinking recently (and by that I mean the past 10 minutes) about how I’ve progressed in my musical journey and how I’ve changed. A little over two years ago, I played my first gig. I was to play four songs in between a band tearing down and a band setting up at Jupiter Studios in Alliance, OH. I can’t explain the level of anxiety I felt the entire two weeks leading up to those scary 18 minutes of limelight. BUT. It was the beginning of a growing passion and an ongoing sprint.....to become a legend. *”I’m the Man” by: Aloe Blacc starts playing*

For the past couple years I’ve been playing at tons of venues, I’ve met fantastic musicians, and I’ve learned a lot about what the music world demands and how to enter it. Of course, I’m still trying to crack the complete code but my understanding has grown nonetheless. I’ve met great assets to my career as well as a few snags here and there; but nothing so far has hindered or slowed me down. The only thing that could slow this all down is if I’m finally recruited for The Avengers...which I know will happen but I’m just hoping the call waits until I’m done with music.

ANYWAY. Nowadays, music has been engrained into my DNA. Everyday I must do something to further my goal whether it be keeping up on my social media presence, contacting venues for shows, practicing new songs, submitting music to blogs and playlists, or just writing up a Nobel Peace Prize winning blog post like this one, I have to further my desire. All of this has become essential to my day to day existence. As much as this may be good, it does sometimes get in the way of things; like living in the moment outside of music. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate when I’m doing something unrelated to music like hanging out with my family. I’m still trying to control this a bit more...but it comes with the trade I suppose.

So, a little over two years in and there has been a lot of growth. I’m going to try and keep that going but like I said, when Nick Fury finally calls me to help him out, I might be dunzo for a bit. If you’ve been a part of this experience with me for any length of time, thank you. I need a loyal support system like you to help me continue with all this. That’s it. That’s all I got. BYE.

Here’s a pic of me, my sister, and one of my dogs before my first gig two years ago 😁

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