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2020 Goals

Hey there! How goes it? Good? Sweet. SO. I hope you all had a fantastic and RESPONSIBLE New Year’s Eve and are enjoying 2020 thus far! I’m very ready to start the new decade; I believe this is my decade to have my goals achieved and my desires become reality. I’ve already got big plans for this year alone and I’m super duper ready to get it all underway.

Soooo what are my goals for this year…? Well, I’ll talk about a few.

First: my number one goal this year is to have my first album done by June and then released by the end of that month. However, if the release gets pushed back by a few days or a week, I won’t be heartbroken. Why June? Well, I believe at the rate that Mike (my producer) and I work at, it is very reasonable to expect us to get a small album finished by then. We started on the first track in the middle of December, and I plan to meet with him once a week starting tomorrow (1.8.20) until it is all finished…which I’m hoping will put us around June for a release. Having the album ready at the beginning of June and releasing it at the end would also give me a month for social media marketing and promoting. The last reason I picked June as a prime release date leads me to another goal I have for this year……

I would like to have my first album out in June because in July I am planning and hoping to move……to NASHVILLE. WOOOOOO! If you aren’t a close friend or family member of mine you probably aren’t aware of my decision to do this. Let me explain why I am planning on moving: after May, I will have graduated with my undergraduate degree from college. Being fresh out of college, I’d like to find a job (hopefully in the music field) and pursue living in a different area. This then leads to another reason I’ve made this a goal: it is a new area to me. I’ve lived in Canton, OH for the majority of my life and I would like to experience a more lively and rich area while I am young. Ohio is great and all, but every time I visit another big city or state I feel a desire to experience more than what I’ve known and grown accustomed to. Another little reason is that I’m shooting for Tennessee is that it is not too far from Ohio. Nashville is about 6.5-7 hours away from Canton; this is great because I don’t want to be so far that I would have to fly back home, but it’s far enough that the area is different. My final reason for picking Nashville lies in what it is known for: MUSIC. Nashville has become one of the biggest music capitals in the world. No longer does the area specialize in just country music no no no…..they specialize in nearly everything! I sat on this decision for a while and have searched my heart for where to go, and Nashville just makes sense to me. I feel at ease, a bit nervous, and yet excited about the decision. So, here’s to seeing this happen in the summer!

One more small goal I have revolves around me on Spotify. My Spotify goal is to have at least 1,000 plays on a couple of my songs, and have at least 200 followers. I believe my highest streamed song currently is my single from October with around 250 streams…and I think I have around 35 followers. I believe this goal is very feasible and attainable and should definitely be helped with the release of my album. I have been very happy with the progress on my Spotify with the release of my newest singles and I’m planning on seeing more of that in 2020.

Sooooooooo yeah! Those are a few of my 2020 goals! I hope you all have some goals set for the new year, and if you don’t, I encourage you to! They give you something to work towards and you always get a great feeling when they are accomplished.

That’s all I have for you today! BYE.


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