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  • Ethan Peterson

Promo Research

Hello, everyone! I hope your day is going super duper. My days recently have been full of research! And no, I don’t mean research in the sense of academic research (thank god the semester is over btw), but instead googling, asking fellow artists, and reading different music blogs to learn how to market/promote music before it is released. I’ve found a lot of great information but, my, is it hard to sift through everything. Once you read a few articles, you start to pick up on similarities. I’m still weeding through the more basic and obvious aspects such as use social media, promote at shows, etc. One cool platform I’ve discovered through CD Baby is called Show.co. They help you establish Spotify pre-save campaigns, get ads on streaming services, and tons of other cool stuff (no, this blog is not sponsored by them...if they would like to change that I wouldn’t say no...)! I’ve set up the Show.co page to follow me on Spotify and hear “V For Vulnerable” immediately when it comes out (June 1)! Other than all of this, I’m still looking for other ways to market without having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. Yeah, I know there isn’t one magic trick or easy service to get more attention, but I’d like to try everything I can so people hear these songs! If you couldn’t tell, I’m excited about it. That’s all I got. -EP 😁 Check out this link, follow me on Spotify, and get excited for this music. https://show.co/bcgXAuw 

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