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  • Ethan Peterson

Show Recap

Hello, everyone! Before I get into anything I’d like to just say that I do not have much to say this week! I have a bunch of information coming about new music/pictures/shows and other semi-important stuff (the usual) BUT, I will not say anything about any of that because I don’t want to…yet. So be patient! I know you’re all totally dying to find out more but you’ll have to wait. Anyway, I’ll give a quick recap of my last show…which was yesterday at Cultured Coffee in Canton, Ohio. First off, 10/10 would recommend everything about them. They specialize in coffee (if the name didn’t give it away) and sweet and savory waffles. Awesome staff, great food and coffee, relaxed environment, and nothing bad to say. So, I played there yesterday for a couple hours and I’ve concluded it’s definitely one of my favorite venues to play at. There’s never a bad crowd there (and yes I’m drawing that conclusion based off of only playing there twice). I love when a crowd is interactive and sings along with whatever I’m playing; that’s exactly what happens at Cultured. I do also enjoy having people who aren’t familiar with the songs I play explain how much they enjoyed listening to some new tunes. I try and stick with a lot of pop/rock music that a lot of people know, but there are always a few people who have never heard of Ed Sheeran…these people are typically the ones who also ask me to play Metallica. Regardless, I love meeting ya no matter what you listen to/prefer. Those are my quick thoughts and such on yesterday. Yeah I know it isn’t that long, but like I said, I don’t have much to say this week. Check next Sunday and maybe I’ll reveal some fun info… Special shoutout to everyone who came and had a good time; you’re the best 😁. Oh, and EXTRA special shoutout to the couple of people who asked for my Instagram and added me on Snapchat as well; I love meeting new people!  

Here’s a pic of me taken by my mom. Hell yeah I think that’s cool.

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