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  • Ethan Peterson

June 1’st

June 1’st; mark that date......BECAUSE I’M DONE. I’ve FINALLY finished recording the four songs I have planned so far...and I couldn’t be happier! On June 1’st I will release new music for you all! How much? I don’t know! Keep up with me for updates though 😬. I don’t mean to talk myself up (kinda 😉) but, for my first time recording music, I believe I have a great product! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to have people listen to these songs. Since I wrote and recorded each one, I feel a bigger sense of responsibility for the final products. These songs will accurately represent my sound as powerful, pop/rock tunes with dark tones engrained in the lyrics. Each song is very important to me in that they show a different aspect of a relationship that lovers can relate to. The overarching themes of them all are vulnerability and confusion. Two different but dangerous aspects. That’s all I’m going to say for now! Keep checking in every weekend for a new blog post! There’s always some fun information in each one...at least I think so. By the way, sorry that this post is a couple days late! Had to finish all the work 😉. 

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