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  • Ethan Peterson

Arnold Classic 2019

Hey there! Today I’m going to step away from the music talk...BECAUSE, I had the privilege of attending the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus today! I am very much into fitness just like my Dad. So, as part of my Dad’s birthday weekend, we decided to attend the Arnold event. If you’re not familiar with what it is, it’s basically a massive fitness expo in Columbus, OH. There are TONS of sponsors and crazy bodybuilders from all over the place! Of course Arnold Schwarzenneger was there, but there were also awesome athletes like “Thor” Bjornsson (World’s Strongest Man 2018) and Seth Feroce. Needless to say, it was a very fun experience. We received tons of supplements and samples from the insane array of promoters that were there. You know, I thought I had put on a fair amount of muscle since lifting...until I saw the monsters at the event. Holy. Crap. There were guys with muscles on top of muscles I didn’t even think were a thing. Veins. Veins were another thing. I’m not a very vascular person, so it always amazes me when I see body builders with veins on their calves...and their backs...and their ribs.....pretty much everywhere that a typical vein isn’t visible. If you didn’t already know, along with wanting to make it big with music, I’d also love to be featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness some day (if Adam Levine can do it, I can do it...love you, Adam). Because fitness is another small passion of mine, I’d love to eventually be known for a little more than just my music! I’d love to be able to promote a healthy lifestyle and other fitness related stuff. Anyway, I think my littler tear is over. More music related information next week! Stay up to date. I got fun stuff coming.......😬 

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