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  • Ethan Peterson

Breaks Are Great

Hello hello. Sooooooooo I’m almost done recording the last song I have so far. Despite how exciting all of this is, it is becoming equally as overwhelming. New music is being made, gigs are starting up again, and homework is piling up. With everything continuously hitting me, I’m experiencing a bit of burnout. As much as I’d like to avoid it, I can’t......BUT that’s okay. A break for a couple days or a week is something that I’m learning is not only okay, but healthy. So yeah, I’m trying to not put so much stress on myself over the next couple days so I can produce a high quality product and still have my sanity 😬. That means spending a bit more time trying to focus on things that are not music. As much as I love music, consistently pursuing a dream like this can get a bit tiring. In the end, it will be worth it though 😁. I know this post wasn’t as exciting as others (or as long) but I felt it was important to explain everything that’s going on with the recording process; not just recording itself. Breaks are okay. -EP

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