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  • Ethan Peterson

One More.....I Think

Hello, all! I’m almost done recording the songs I’ve been working on....I think (again, I won’t be mixing/mastering them...I just record them). Nevertheless, I’m crazy pumped to get these songs into everyone’s ears to experience something new and exciting! I just have to finish up some guitar work and string sections on one more song and I should be all set! At that point it will just be a waiting game for mixing......unless I write more songs. I’ve debated within myself on how many songs I want to put on the next EP/album and even now I’m still not 100 percent set on anything. I had a large list of new songs ready to record that pretty much got cut in half because I changed my mind about them.....welcome to writing songs! Who knows what will happen though....who knows how many songs I’ll release......I just want to release great music for you all. This next “installment” of music is very special and important to me in the way it was written; my goal is to get everyone to understand why......hopefully you can relate. Love hurts. -Ethan Oh by the way, go like the Facebook page :D https://www.facebook.com/ethanpetersonmusic/ 

Mini setup pic:

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