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  • Ethan Peterson


VOCALS. ARE. TEDIOUS. Recording my voice is by far the process that takes the longest. I’ve always been very detail oriented when it comes doing something flawlessly. I try to record my voice and get as flawless as a take as possible to save time on pitch corrections and mixing later. Of course, this would only take a few hours if I didn’t find a super minute detail to break the whole take...EVERY TAKE. Whatever. It’s fine. Everything is FINE. Aside from this, I will now be uploading short covers on social media at least once a week starting Monday! My first cover...”Love Runs Out” by One Republic! This is definitely a throwback song for me and I’m super excited! Anyway, I’d love to hear suggestions for songs I should cover so tweet me or comment on my Facebook Page! I know this post was shorter, but it’s only because I’m working hard to get these AWESOME SONGS DONE! 

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