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  • Ethan Peterson

My Recording Journey Continues 😬

After a little over a week of recording on my own, I’d say I’m getting the hang of everything really well! All the basics of the process are pretty much mastered (i.e. setting up tracks, learning how to use EQ, etc). I’ve developed a system for myself that makes the process run much smoother: lay down drums first, then bass, then guitar, then other instruments like piano and strings, then vocals, then I go and add small details to the song. I almost have two songs recorded at the moment; I’m still going to send them to Mike Edgerly (producer of my last EP) so that he can completely mix and master them. Learning how to master tracks and understand everything in that department would take me waaaayyyyy too long in the time that I want my new music to be released. So far, I’m actually pretty excited and happy with what I’ve got! I think you all are in for a real treat when you hear the new stuff! Stay posted for more details! New post every week through the recording process! 


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