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  • Ethan Peterson

The Empire and Treemont Coffee 12/23 7pm-9pm

Yesterday was one of the best shows I had the privilege of playing! Thank you to everyone who came and supported me at the Empire as well as the four other performers/bands! The fans and support make everything worth it and I’m very blessed. Shout outs go to Emily Gambone, Saint Lucious, Highland Rose, and my brother’s band, Line of Defense. It was a fantastic lineup of artists and the night was very memorable!

Next Saturday I will be back at Treemont Coffee! I will be playing from 7pm-9pm. Last time I played here there was a great turn out and everyone had a fantastic time! I really hope to see you there! Treemont, hands down, has some of the best coffee in the area. Every time I get something from there I am pleased. Come out next Saturday 12/23 and have a great night with us!


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