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  • Ethan Peterson

Meeting with Drake Bell

As you may know from an earlier blog post, I had the opportunity to watch Drake Bell perform live at Jupiter Studios in Alliance, Ohio and meet him! I’ve played at Jupiter many times and it was nice to be there for someone else and not me for a change! Drake was a fantastic performer! He knew his guitar inside and out and was awesome to watch. He took us all back to our childhoods when he played the Drake and Josh theme song and “What Makes Me Happy.” Of course, the coolest part however was meeting him. What a cool guy! I asked him for some quick advice on how to get signed by a record label and he gave me great insight. He actually held up the line to meet him for a couple minutes to explain it to me! He told me not to necessarily put all my focused on getting signed; but to continue to be adamant and constant on social media platforms and on YouTube to get myself out to people. He said these were awesome up and coming tools to use to get bigger in music. I really appreciated his advice and I’m focusing on it! Such an awesome experience. 

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